[:en]Bioinicia to build the world´s first industrial plant for electrospray microencapsulation of bioactive ingredients

[:en]Bioinicia is to build the world´s first industrial manufacturing plant for the microencapsulation of bioactives by Electrospraying Assisted by Pressurized Gas (EAPG).  EAPG is a novel technique that has been developed and patented by Bioinicia to efficiently encapsulate active and pharmaceutical compounds for controlled release. Bioinicia already has an in-house EAPG industrial demonstrator at their facilities in Valencia, which is available for conducting trials and development projects for industrial companies interested in investigating the process for the enhancement of their products.

Thanks to the recent announcement of funding by the European Commission, for winning Phase II of H2020´s SME Instrument, Bioinicia will develop and commercialise its own project, Capsultek; an electrospraying plant capable of the mass-production of microparticles consisting of nanocapsules of active ingredient through this patented and modified electrospraying process.

One of the main limitations of standard electrospraying is its low productivity, capable of processing only a few millilitres of solution per hour. Bioinicia’s novel technique combines high voltage and pneumatic pressure to achieve high-throughput microencapsulation in a single step. The current EAPG industrial-demonstration facility is able to produce 1- 3 kg of dry power per hour and can be scaled-up to enable the manufacture of tens of kilograms of dry, encapsulated bioactives per hour. EAPG dries and encapsulates in a single and continuous step obtaining powder with particle diameters in the range of 1-10 µm. EAPG shows exceptional encapsulation efficiency at room conditions and is therefore ideally suited to the encapsulation of thermo-sensitive ingredients requiring protection against degradation. EAPG can be employed in many application areas such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, functional foods and nutraceuticals.

Source: https://bioinicia.com/bioinicia-to-build-the-worlds-first-industrial-plant-for-electrospray-microencapsulation-of-bioactive-ingredients/